Christian Spiritual 1 Day and Overnight Retreats

Deepen Your Relationship with God and Others Through Guided Spiritual Retreats.

Unplug, slow down, encounter the Lord and experience rest, quiet, solitude and holy community.

During the retreat we will:

Facilitate a peaceful space for you to encounter The Father, The Son (Jesus) and The Holy Spirit.

Guide you to know God in truth and your true identity in Christ.

Encourage your spiritual gifts, spiritual disciplines and sacred pathways (how you best connect with God).

Help you to hear from God.

I would strongly recommend Beth for personal spiritual coaching, and also for spiritual retreats.  I have been blessed to experience both, and can attest to the tremendous impact Beth’s gentle Spirit-led approach has had on my life.  Through the entire process, the focus of individual and group sessions is Jesus and a deepening of relationship with Him. Beth acts as a vessel for the presence of the Spirit, and her willingness to be used in this way is a powerful and spiritually enriching experience.

Elizabeth P.

In the busyness of life, it’s easy to lose sight of the joy and full life that Jesus promises us. Choosing to take the time away to focus on my relationship with the Lord was exactly what I needed to reorient my priorities and find that soul rest I desperately needed. Guided by Beth’s gentle wisdom and her discerning ear to the whisper of the Holy Spirit, I left the weekend feeling refreshed, knowing I had met the Lord in a profound and life-changing way. Thank you, Beth, for creating that safe and sacred space for us!

Merry L.

I loved the retreat! The time and effort Beth put into preparing was evident. I had never before gained so much from one bible passage. I loved the times when the group shared and participated, it was very affirming. I enjoyed the variety of the creative activities. I learned that I hear from the Holy Spirit to the same degree as other people who I thought were ahead of me in this area. Beautiful friendships were begun, rekindled, or strengthened. I highly recommend Beth’s services!

Linda L.

Beth’s heart and ability to listen to God and to enable others to do the same is one of the greatest gifts of this retreat.  This is truly a journey of transformation in a safe community. It has had a deep impact on me.

Lorie H.

I had the privilege to attend a retread that Beth led.  Her reliance on the Holy Spirit, gentle leadership and emotional sensitivity were like balm to me.  If you have a chance to learn from Beth consider yourself fortunate.

Wendy D.

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