Prayer Life: How can I make prayer a habit and get better at it?

We all seem to make time to brush our teeth, why? Because it’s important to our health and we value our smile.

In making prayer a habit, it’s so important to first realize that prayer is incredibly valuable! For some reason, God has chosen to work with humanity to see His will fulfilled on the earth. Prayers that aren’t prayed, won’t be answered by Him. I used to think that God didn’t really need my prayers and that He was just going to do whatever He wanted. However, as I got to know Him and read the Bible, I realized that although He was Sovereign over all, God still decides to use our feeble prayers to usher in His will on the earth (Matthew 7:7).

Once I realized my prayers mattered, it was motivation to make it a habit.

I recommend the following on how to get better at your prayer life:

1.     Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to pray.

2.     Be intentionally aware of God’s presence in your everyday life.

3.     Create a prayer rhythm in your schedule. Start simple with a short prayer time once a day. As you find it beneficial, increase the length of time or frequency.  For me, I have an intentional prayer time in the morning, as I get ready, where I give God all that I’m facing that day and ask for His help. Before bed, I also get on my knees and unload all the stresses of my day on Him and pray whatever else the Holy Spirit brings to mind.

4.     Make room for spontaneous prayer in your day. As stuff comes up, have an internal conversation with Him or out loud when you’re on your own.

5.     When you don’t know what to say to God, pray a Bible verse that resonates with you. The LORD’S Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 is helpful. Writing/journaling prayers are powerful as well.

To grow in your prayer life, requires making it part of your everyday life. Just like exercising your body or brushing your teeth, make it an intentional holy habit.