Your Choice And Willingness

Your depth of knowing God, depends on your choice and willingness to surrender. Let me explain, to know God the Father and Holy Spirit intimately, you first must welcome relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The reason for this is that Jesus’ blood shed on the cross is the only thing that makes you perfect enough to have relationship with perfect God. When you personally accept Jesus’ sacrificial death and physical resurrection, apologize to Him for your mistakes (sins) and invite Him into your life to lead you, God shifts from being outside of you to inside. This internal dwelling of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit is what can make your relationship and prayer life more profound and intimate with God. He is no longer “the universe” or far off, you can know and experience Him deeply within.

To experience this inner knowing of the Lord, pray this prayer aloud from your heart:

Lord Jesus,

Thank You for dying on the cross and paying the punishment for all my imperfections and sins. I’m sorry for everything I have done wrong in Your eyes. Thank You that Your shed blood cleanses me from every sin.  I believe that You are the Son of God and that You rose from the dead. I now invite You, Lord Jesus, to come into my life by Your Holy Spirit, to save me, heal me, help me and lead me everyday. Please restore my relationship with You, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Thank You that when I die, I will live with You forever, Amen.

Now What?

Congratulations! In believing and declaring the above prayer, you are now right with God through Jesus! It’s that simple to start relationship with Him. God the Holy Spirit has moved inside and you can enjoy deep connection with Him. You can also get to know Him more by reading God’s written Word, The Holy Bible. Check it out at:

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